Blasting, Stripping & Sanding

Prepare Your Log Home for Renewal

As part of our comprehensive log home maintenance solutions, Renew Services offers expert media blasting services that breathe new life into your log surfaces. Our advanced techniques prepare your home for refinishing, staining, or chinking with exceptional precision.

Blasting, Stripping & Sanding

The Importance of Media Blasting

Surface Restoration: Media blasting effectively removes old finishes, dirt, and contaminants, revealing the natural beauty and texture of your logs, setting the stage for optimal refinishing.
Enhanced Adhesion: Properly blasted surfaces provide a clean canvas for subsequent treatments, ensuring even adhesion and longer-lasting results for your log home maintenance efforts.
Improved Durability: Media blasting removes weathered and deteriorated layers, extending the lifespan of your log home by promoting the application of fresh, protective coatings.
Visual Transformation: Witness the transformation of your log home as years of grime and coatings are stripped away, unveiling the authentic charm of your logs.

Choose the Renew Crew for meticulous media blasting that sets the foundation for successful log home restoration and maintenance. Contact us today to discover how our media blasting services can rejuvenate your log home’s appearance.

Contact us today to learn how our chinking services can enhance the comfort, beauty, and longevity of your log home.