Log & Wood Repair

Love Your Beautiful Log Home

The log home life is amazing! We know you take pride in your beautiful log or cedar home or cabin. Properly maintaining it will keep it looking beautiful and energy efficient for years to come. Our incredible log home craftsmen are determined to create the log home of your dreams, whether that means we build, maintain or restore it for you.

Renew Services

We understand that each log home is unique, and your specific needs might differ Therefore, we are here to tailor our services to mee your requirements precisely. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Yearly Log Home Maintenance

Annual maintenance starts with a full pressure wash. As we do this, every yearly service includes a top to bottom inspection of your home. From the roof, to the basement or foundation, we’ll look for leaks, rot, issues with the energy seal, damaged or missing caulking, loose boards and check the integrity of the current stain.

You will receive a written report of the inspection as well as a plan of action if anything needs to be repaired or updated.

Every 3 Years

If it’s been three years (or more) since a maintenance coat has been applied, it’s probably time for a clear coat stain. During this inspection, you’ll also receive a report with a plan of action, and a full pressure wash of your home.

Log Home Services

Log and cedar homes are some of the most beautiful places to live but the upkeep can be overwhelming. Keeping the exterior maintained is vitally important to the health and life of the wood. We can help you protect your investment and more importantly, your home.

  • Stain & Paint Removal
  • Interior & Exterior New Stain Application
  • Sealers
  • General Wood and Log Maintenance
  • Caulking & Chinking
  • Chinking Repair
  • Servicing New & Older Homes
  • Historic Projects